Brittany Shonka-Martin, MS

Research Assistant

Brittany Shonka-Martin is pursuing a PhD in Animal Science focusing on dairy cattle genetics. She is co-advised by Drs. Les Hansen and Brad Heins. The main focus of her research is to compare ProCROSS crossbred cows to purebred Holsteins for feed intake, frame size, body weight, and overall production efficiency. The study started in September and is expected to be complete in 2017.  

Brittany grew up on a 40-cow dairy in Northeast Iowa and was actively involved in the farm from an early age. She attended Iowa State University (ISU) where she majored in Dairy Science with a minor in Genetics. After earning her BS, Brittany pursued a MS in Animal Breeding and Genetics at ISU. Her project focused on estimating genetic parameters for feed intake during the dry period.