Carey Williams, PhD

Associate Professor / Equine Extension Specialist

Dr. Williams joined Rutgers University in July 2003 as its Equine Extension Specialist, and the Associate Director of Extension in the Equine Science Center taking an active role in teaching, conducting research and working with the equine and academic communities to ensure the viability of the horse industry in New Jersey. A Wisconsin native, Dr. Williams earned her doctorate degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences (with an emphasis on equine nutrition and exercise physiology) in June 2003 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She holds a Master’s degree in equine nutrition, also from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University (1998). In 2009, Dr. Williams received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor at Rutgers University.

At Rutgers, Dr. Williams maintains a herd of Standardbred horses for nutrition, exercise and pasture research. Her exercise work more specifically dealt with how we can decrease the stress of intense exercise through nutritional modification and antioxidant supplementation. Her nutrition and pasture work has focused on different grazing systems and how they impact horse health and the environment. She also works with agricultural county agricultural agents within Rutgers to carry out equine pasture management and other environmentally friendly initiatives. She has also maintained a Best Management Practice demonstration horse farm where she performs research on the BMPs. Dr. Williams is a member of many professional associations. Through these organizations, she has been awarded the American Society of Animal Science and the Equine Science Society’s Equine Science Award in 2015, the Equine Science Society’s Outstanding Young Professional Award in 2009, and the Northeast Section of the American Society of Animal Science and the American Dairy Science Association’s Outstanding Young Educator award in 2007, along with several university level distinctions for her early career efforts.

Dr. Williams has been author or co-author of over 40 scientific journal articles on her field of expertise. She has also authored eight book chapters on antioxidant, oxidative stress, supplements or pasture management for horses. Along with self written publications you may have seen her name in various publications like The Horse Magazine, Equus, and The Blood Horse as an ‘expert’ interviewee. Or listened to one of her webinars or radio shows through various hosts.

As a hobby, Dr. Williams currently she competes in dressage and eventing with her 9 year old off the track Thoroughbred mare, Pinky. Or enjoys an afternoon motorcycle ride with her husband, Tony.