Darren Henry, PhD

Assistant Professor

Darren D. Henry received his BS at Texas A&M University before moving to the University of Florida for his MS and PhD. Darren’s graduate research focused on altering ruminal fermentation to improve efficiency of beef cattle production by mitigating enteric methane production. His PhD work was more specifically focused on the use of nitrates to reduce methane production while acting as a non-protein nitrogen source in place of urea. He has also been working with bismuth subsalicylate to mitigate the effects of high-sulfur diets on beef cattle performance. Darren will join the faculty at Texas Tech University in November 2017, where his work will focus on sustainable grazing of beef cattle. Darren will concentrate on the ruminal fermentation of cattle grazing native and improved pastures with and out supplementation strategies to improve production efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint of the beef industry.