Haley Johnson

PhD Candidate

Haley Johnson is pursuing a PhD focused on Ruminant Nutrition, advised by Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo and Dr. Marshall Stern. She received her BS with summa cum laude honors in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota in 2014, and began her PhD program shortly thereafter. While finishing her degree, she is also working as a Research Scientist for Cargill Animal Nutrition. Her PhD research focuses on the effects of manipulating growth and fermentation patterns on nutrient availability and performance in feedlot cattle.  

Recently, Haley conducted a meta-analysis to examine how manipulation of the pre-finishing phase impacts finishing performance. This project worked to identify dynamic feeding strategies for growing cattle that optimize finishing performance based on the current beef market. Additionally, Haley has done research working with rumen protected amino acids in dairy cows, impact of feed processing on protein quality, effectiveness of direct fed microbial products, ruminal biohydrogenation of distillers grains, value of corn crops to cattle producers, and ruminal impact on omega-3 fatty acids in grain vs grass fed cattle.