Michelle DeBoer, MS

Research Assistant

Michelle DeBoer, advised by Dr. Marcia Hathaway and Dr. Krishona Martinson, is a PhD student, pursuing a degree in Animal Science at the University of Minnesota. Originally from Fridley, MN, Michelle earned her undergraduate degree in Equestrian Business Management from Stephens College in Missouri. Before deciding to go back to school, Michelle worked as a wrangler at a dude ranch in Shell, Wyoming and as an assistant trainer for reining horses at Eleanor's Arabian Farm in Rogers, MN. Now in the second year of her PhD, Michelle's research is focused on the glucose, insulin, and amino acid response of horses grazing different pasture species. In addition to these projects, Michelle also works in the muscle biology lab where she evaluates the impact of amino acids, and other metabolites, on muscle protein synthesis in cell culture. When she is not in the lab, you can find Michelle volunteering at Como Zoo helping with primate diet preparation, gardening, hiking, fostering dogs, doing agility with her dog Kira, or competing in many equestrian sports on her horse, Mollie.