Tom Peters

Consulting Nutritionist

Tom Peters was raised on farm in southern Minnesota and was the 1977 National Science Recipient completing work on "High and Low Pressure Systems and their Influence on Carbohydrate and Cellulose Digestion in Animals". He completed his undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin and graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.

Tom was on the staff at UW-River Falls teaching ruminant nutrition for a year. In 1987, he became the director of ruminant nutrition at DeKalb Feeds, Inc. He has since worked 30 years in private industry (consultation practice) as a nutritionist and management specialist. Intake management, animal behavior, building design for finishing cattle and cattle environment are items of specific recent high attention. Methane digestion and electrical generation from cattle manure are items of weekly work also.

Tom is president and owner of Superior Attitude Livestock Technologies, LLC, a consulting firm that deals in nutrition and management of cattle and growth improvements. This consulting practice works with 500,000+ feedlot cattle, 30,000 beef cows and also consults to over 150,000 dairy cows. His consulting practice encompasses clients in 12 U.S. states, Turkey, Ireland, Brazil and Canada.

Additionally Tom is a founding member of Camelot consulting, a firm that advises beef industry companies and suppliers. He was C.E.O. and co-owner of Glacier Beef Inc., a ranch to rail, process-verified branded beef company utilizing 30,000 steers annually. He is co-owner of a 5000-cow dairy in Wisconsin since 2004. And, Tom is intensely involved in beef and dairy crossbreeding projects and feeder cattle placement for Lake States Cattle Company since 2004.

Tom has been published in 95+ journals, trade publications and articles. His proudest accomplishments include being married for 35 years and father of two children (now adults) who champion education and knowledge. Tom’s hobbies include school board president for 8 years, walleye fishing, duck hunting, ski racing, and conservative political policy discussion and debate.