Zach Rambo, PhD

Swine Nutritionist

Zach Rambo earned his doctoral degree in swine nutrition from Purdue University in 2013. At Purdue University, his research focused on the effect of zinc and skeletal muscle growth and metabolism. He also completed work evaluating the impacts of dietary fat source on live performance, carcass composition and carcass quality in growing and finishing pigs. Prior to attending Purdue, he earned his master’s degree in beef cattle nutrition and his bachelor’s degree in animal science at Texas A&M University. While at Texas A&M, Dr. Rambo was actively involved in the livestock judging program both as a contestant and a coach. He joined the research and nutritional services team at Zinpro Corporation in Eden Prairie, MN, in June of 2013. In this role, he is responsible for swine product development, leading the global swine research team, and providing domestic and international sales support. Dr. Rambo is passionate about improving the health and performance of production and companion animals through enhanced trace mineral nutrition.