Summary: 21st Century Strategies to Improve Efficiency of Nutrient Utilization in Beef and Dairy Cattle

Juan J. Loor, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Animal Sciences & Division of Nutritional Sciences
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

  • Our “Systems” understanding of beef and dairy cattle biology will continue to improve by using integrative approaches.
  • Application of “high-throughput” technologies (“omics”) to study the rumen ecosystem along with key metabolic tissues and the whole-animal responses to different nutritional strategies will enhance our ability to improve feed efficiency. 
  • We need better understanding of the “functional role” of nutrients during the different stages of growth and development, particularly amino acids and other essential nutrients such as B vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Feeding approaches for a “dual purpose with dual benefit” will enhance our understanding of the implications of maternal nutrition during pregnancy not only on the cow but also on the calf. Particularly adaptations of the neonatal calf in terms of immune and gut function, and mammary development for better milk production in later life.