Summary: Technologies Improving Cattle Efficiency of Production: Is the U.S. Cattle Industry in Danger of Losing Key Technological Assets? Public Perception vs. Proven Science for Beef Production - Facts vs. Myths

Tom Peters
Consulting Nutritionist
Superior Attitude Livestock Technologies (SALT), LLC
Oregon, IL

Scientific advancements in cattle production in the United States has resulted in the cleanest, safest, most efficient beef produced in the world. This paper will address common current consumer myths compared to statistically proven and FDA approved data concerning U.S. beef production. Information will be shared from published beef production research conducted during the last 35 years addressing improvements in growth efficiency for cattle. Information will be provided from a variety of publications addressing enhancement of production and benefits to consumers using approved scientific technologies applied in current beef production. The presentation will also include trends and comments that are occurring in present culture that negatively affect beef consumption and the beef industry.