2022 Minnesota Nutrition Conference Speakers

General Session Speakers: Wednesday, Sept. 21

Erin Cortus - Associate Professor, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota: Sustainability metrics, definitions, and approaches

Terry Ward - Global Director of Strategy & Sustainability, Zinpro Corporation: A Journey from Sustainability Skeptic to Supporter

Lara Moody - Executive Director,  Institute for Feed Education and Research: Definition of a circular economy and its value in the context of animal feed (PDF)

Elias Uddin - Assistant Professor, Dairy Science Department, South Dakota State University: Evaluation of enteric methane strategies in cattle using in vivo experiments and holistic life cycle assessments (PDF)

Josh McCann - Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Illinois: Avenues for protein nutrition to drive sustainability in the feedlot

AlltechResearch Update

Non-Ruminant Session Speakers: Thursday, Sept. 22

Kristjan Bregendahl - Poultry Nutritionist, Devenish Nutrition: Trends in laying hen nutrition

April Levy - Technical Specialist, DSM Nutritional Products: Vitamin supplementation and  support of the immune system in poultry

Roshan Adhikari - Poultry Nutritionist, CJ Bio America: Understanding the use of lower limiting amino acids (4th, 5th & 6th) in turkey and layer hens

Tim Johnson - Professor, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota: Research update on avian Escherichia coli: What have we learned about its ecology?

Trey Kellner - Swine Nutritionist at AMVC Management Services: Energy value of fats and oils

Juan Loor - Professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Illinois: A refresher on lipid metabolism

David Rosero - Technical Officer, The HANOR Company LLC: Requirements of essential fatty acids in sow diets

Julia Holen - Nutritionist and Swine Production Researcher, Swine Vet Center: Essential fatty acids in sow diets

Sarah Schieck Boelke - Swine Extension Educator: UMN Research update Sustainability programs for pig farms

Ruminant Session Speakers: Thursday, Sept. 22

Warren Rusche - Extension Feedlot Specialist, South Dakota State University: Feeding hybrid rye to finishing cattle

Alfredo DiCostanzo - Beef Systems Extension Educator, Univ. of Nebraska: Strategic cattle feeding and management decisions to cope with high feed prices

Dale Woerner - Professor, Dept of Animal & Food Sciences, Texas Tech Univ.: Intersection of Beef and Dairy: A Growing Industry Segment

Dan Shaefer - Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin: Novelty and Ho-Hum of Beef-on-Dairy

Max Thornsberry - Technical Specialist, Milk Specialties Global: Holstein x Beef-Cross Calves:  Their housing, feeding, and management

Heather White - Associate Professor, Dept. of Animal & Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin: Feeding choline to heifers, cows and dairy-beef crossbreds

Jackie Boerman - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Animal Sciences, Purdue Univ.: Improving fatty acid digestibility in dairy cows

Fernanda Batistel - Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida: Methyl donors in fetal and neonatal development

Joe Armstrong - Extension Cattle Specialist, Univ. of Minn: UMN Research Update - Movement and Management in Minnesota’s Beef Industry: Results of a Survey of MN Cow-calf and Feedlot Producers

Brad Heins - Associate Professor, Animal Science Department, Univ. of Minn: UMN Research Update - Feed intake of crossbreds

Isaac Salfer - Assistant Professor, Animal Science Dept., Univ. of Minn: UMN Research Update -Feed efficiency and precision feeding of cows