Randel Raub, PhD

Senior Vice President

Dr. Randel Raub currently is the Senior Vice President of Kentucky Equine Research (KER). Dr. Raub is a recognized authority on equine growth physiology and has authored or co-authored numerous articles for scientific journals, as well as having written many articles for popular press. He also is a frequent speaker at educational, research and industry-related functions throughout the country, and was the 2011 recipient of the Fellow Award from the Equine Science Society.

Prior to joining KER, Dr. Raub was Director of Nutrition Research and Marketing for U.S. Feed Operations at Ridley Inc., an Alltech Company from 2011-2017, Director of Equine Business Development and Technical Service from 2007-2011, and Director of Research and New Product Development from 2001-2007 for the Horse Business Group of Purina. From 1989 to 2001, he was the head of the equine teaching and research program at Kansas State University, and was the 1999 College of Agriculture’s Faculty Member of the Year. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science degree in animal science from the University of Illinois and a PhD with a minor in physiology from the University of Kentucky. His PhD work focused on the effects of nutrition and exercise on bone and muscle development in the growing horse. While pursuing his PhD, he also was extensively involved in the Thoroughbred industry and maintained a farrier business. Upon graduating from college, he spent time as a packer and hunting guide in Idaho before starting his professional career.

While growing up he started colts for his grandfather’s horse trading business, and during the summer would spend time with his uncle, a Thoroughbred owner and trainer in California. Today, he and his wife Elizabeth enjoy time spent with their horses and dogs.