Planning Committee

Conference co-chairs 
Pedro Urriola (General session)
[email protected]
University of Minnesota

Isaac Salfer
[email protected]
University of Minnesota

John Goihl (Pre conference)
[email protected]
3-D Nutrition Service

Species committee members

Chair: Grant Crawford, Merck,  
[email protected]
John Koeberl, Big Gain, [email protected]
Eric Mousel, U of MM, [email protected]
Ken Swanson, Famo Feeds, [email protected]

Chair: Alamanda Calvert, Biomatrix Intl, 
[email protected]
Milan Hruby, ADM Animal Nutrition, [email protected]
Anup Kollanoor Johny, U of MN, [email protected]
Kori Leske, Michael Foods, [email protected]
Janet Remus, IFF, [email protected]
Chris Rude, Devenish Nutrition, [email protected]

Chair: Isaac Salfer, U of MN, [email protected]
Tamilee N. Adolph, ADM Animal Nutrition, [email protected]
Isaac Haagen, U of MN, [email protected]
Brad Heins, U of MN, [email protected]
Barry Visser, Vitaplus, [email protected]

Chair: Lee Johnston, U of MN, 
[email protected]
Gary Asche, Form-A-Feed, [email protected]
John Goihl, 3-D Nutrition Service, [email protected]
Joe Loughmiller, Phileo, J.l[email protected]
Dan Nelson, DPI Global, [email protected]
Grant Petersen, United Animal Health, G[email protected]
Kevin Touchette, Ralco, kevin.[email protected]